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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF THE RESTAURANT BUSINESS - Essay Example The River Caf in Hammersmith, is an expensive, utterly delicious example. London takes on Tuscany, in attractive if hard-to-reach surroundings. There is a little group of smart Italian restaurants growing up, associated with Giorgio Locatelli, who cooks at Zafferano, near Belgrave Square, with a startlingly original menu, well grounded in tradition. He has opened a couple of simple Italian places - Spiga on Wardour Street in Soho and La Spighetta in Mayfair that do wonderful thin-crust pizzas cooked in a woodfired oven. London has always led the world in Indian restaurants, and today they are booming. Tamarind, in Mayfair's Queen Street, is a glitzy, principally North Indian restaurant with prices to match the elevated dcor. The only restaurant that has true Anglo-Indian dishes is Chutney Mary, down the King's Road at Lotts Road, worth for its collection of uncommon Indian regional dishes. The rooms, with their view over Regent Street, look handsomely understated by Indian restaurant standards and the management has simplified the whole business of ordering an Indian meal. The overall picture of strong profit growth in the UK in the year 2007 was predominantly due to the London hotels in the sample that, on average, enjoyed an upswing in profit of 12.8 per cent to 64.04 per available room. With no change in occupancy, it was a 10.2 per cent increase in average room rate to 112.81, and a firm grip on payroll costs, that enabled London hoteliers to turn in a very healthy profit performance in 2007. even though the report is for 2007, it shows the healthy economic conditions of London hotels. ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT A key sector in tourism, hotels have several key environmental impacts: energy consumption, water consumption, waste production, waste water management, chemical use and atmospheric contamination, purchasing/procurement, local community initiatives. Many restaurants are trying to become more eco-friendly and hence to keep up the good relation of the hygiene conscious customers. The Duke of Cambridge in Islington remains one of the best and most ethically run gastro pubs in London. It has pioneered seasonal, organic British food, using local sourcing, careful monitoring of food miles, buying direct from the farmers, and even now the beers are still brewed locally and the wines and spirits are organic where viable. The water is purified on the premises, and they have installed wind and solar generated energy, along with strict recycling procedures and adherence to sustainable fish buying policies. This shows the environmental influence to restaurant operations. IMPACT OF SOCIAL AND CULTURAL FACTORS London's extraordinary social and cultural diversity is reflected in over 60 different cuisines provided in over 12,000 restaurants, which is more than half the nation's total. This variety and vibrancy extends to London's food retail outlets, with exciting well-known markets like Borough and Walthamstow alongside major supermarkets and independent corner shops. 'Food tourism' is an increasingly vital element of London's attraction for visitors. It has many of the best restaurants in the

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Hans Delbruck is one of the most insightful theorist of the 20th Assignment

Hans Delbruck is one of the most insightful theorist of the 20th century - Assignment Example That is why the German historian Hans Delbruck became the voice of professional military history. His family and educational background had a tremendous influence on his interest in war and were key factors contributing to his writings on: ancient, medieval and modern warfare. Delbruck’s great works are not only for military men, but for those who know nothing about the military. Delbruck came from a household of educated parents and political influences. Family, political influences and education became the key factors that developed his personality. Hans was born in a bourgeois family; his parents gave him an opportunity to become an educated person. As a rule, historians apply two terms in order to characterize Delbruck’s family – â€Å"typical† and â€Å"extraordinary.† On the one hand, it was a typical bourgeois family. On the other hand, it gave the world a historian with extraordinary skills. The would-be historian studied at two educational institutions – Bonn and Heidelberg. Here he got the basic knowledge for his future researches. Being a soldier gave Delbruck an opportunity to participate in Franco-German War. After this event young Hans became Prince Waldemar’s teacher. Getting in touch with the German imperial family, participation in war and education influenced Delbruck’s point of view upon life. War contributed to his interest in military issues. Soon Hans became a member of the German Reichstag. Before this he had been a professor of modern history and delivered lectures that were very popular among the students. Being a member of Reichstag Delbruck always opposed the policy led by the Prussian government; especially it concerned its dealing with the Poles and the Danes. It is necessary to stress that Hans Delbruck applied the analysis of battles in order to get information he needed. Thus, The Sachkritik of battle analysis helped Delbruck take previous accounts of engagements and measure those limits of geography, and military craft. These points were discussed in Hans’s book History of the Art of War in the Framework of Political History (1900). In this work Hans Delbruck emphasized the connection between the nature of policy and armies during the battle. The basis for the book became a minute analysis of the Sachkritik. It should be noted that Delbruck’s observation of battles made him popular, both positively and negatively. First of all, Delbruck discovered the major reason for defeats in wars. He proved that everything depends upon the number of soldiers. Hans’s analysis of the battles helped him to draw a conclusion that only the army with more soldiers has chance to win the war. Moreover, the theorist persuaded the public that the number of people in armies was always exaggerated in historical documents. These facts explained a lot of things and filled the gaps in military history of ancient times. As for the negative impact of the theor ist, he tried to persuade the public that military history is the branch of general history and it is necessary to do something in order to match them. However, this means that people studying history are expected to learn military history. In this case, students may conclude that arms, wars and battles are just common things in people’s life. This knowledge may have negative impact and give birth to wars and violence. The scientist gave the world much information about medieval knights. However, it turned to be rather controversial. Here Hans separated a knight from

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Relationship Between Plankton and Ocean Currents

Relationship Between Plankton and Ocean Currents Gabriel Vallim PLANKTON AND OCEAN CURRENTS Plankton, from Greek it means wandering Plankton can be considered all organisms that come with ocean currents. This does not necessarily mean that all don’t have movement. Many of them have the ability to move, but can’t overcome the chains, and because of that they only has vertical movements and don’t define its horizontal position in the ocean. Plankton can be plants or animals and it has an important role in the fish food chain and other sea life, and also for human beings. The plankton organisms are very important because they are the base of marine food chain, and also because phytoplankton is the largest source of oxygen to the atmosphere, to the photosynthesis. These organisms have different sizes: from 2 microns (protozoa) to a few meters (some species of jellyfish), and are distributed from the surface to deep water. Importance of the Plankton Plankton is very important for life on Earth. Phytoplankton produces much of oxygen that people and other animals need to survive. Plankton is also a big source of food. Zooplankton feed on the phytoplankton. Fish and other large animal, feeds the zooplankton. As an example we have the whales, which keep the plankton through their filters, present in their mouths. Plankton doesn’t have the ability to overcome the ocean current. This is why the plankton is a group of extremely vulnerable to marine pollution organisms, since they can’t move to a location with better environmental conditions. Thus, some plankton organisms are important indicators of environmental quality of the marine regions. Types of Plankton 1) Phytoplankton > is Plankton formed from plants. These organisms are often not the size of a cell. A diatom, for example, which is a type of unicellular algae, is a common form of phytoplankton. The plants belonging to the plankton occupy the upper layers of the ocean because of light presence and then perform photosynthesis to produce energy and release oxygen gas. Different from most land plants, phytoplankton does not need roots, stems or leaves, because they can absorb water and nutrients directly from their environment. 2) Zooplankton > is Plankton formed from animal organisms. Some of these organisms are very small, as crustaceans’ miniature and protozoa. Others, such as jellyfish, are larger. Some fish and shellfish, early in his life, are eggs or small larvae. These eggs and larvae are also zooplankton. In the phytoplankton and zooplankton, bacteria and fungi float on the waters of the planet. These bodies can also be considered plankton. Ocean Currents The ocean currents are water flows that occur in the oceans and regulate the climate. Some streams are perennial, or is always flowing in a given direction at a given point. Ocean currents have their origin in the movement of winds at the surface and by the movement of Earths rotation. It starts in the tropics and at high latitudes and circulates oceans and seas carrying large bodies of water and debris, affecting marine life. They are divided into cold and warm currents, and have particular characteristics, such as temperature, salinity, color, density and marine life. The warm currents originate in the Intertropical Zone, leave the tropics toward the Polar Regions, while the cold currents, originate in the Polar Regions, and move in the opposite direction, towards the Equatorial Zones. An example is the Humboldt Current, which reaches the coast of Chile, creating a marked aridity in the region, and interferes with the fishing activity. They carry with them moisture and heat also interfering in marine life and, consequently, having a direct influence on the balance of the oceans and seas. It is considered the most important and enigmatic phenomena of the oceans due to its influence on climate regions and also for holding an important transportation work and spread of plant and animal species. The formation of ocean currents is because of the union of some factors of nature, such as difference density of water, by the difference in temperature and salinity. The currents tend to move the higher density areas to low density areas; action of the winds and movement of the Earths rotation (mainly influences towards some currents). Ocean currents can influence the climate, for example, contribute to the formation of deserts, such as the Humboldt Current with the Atacama Desert and the Benguela current with the desert of Namibia and Kalahari . From a biological point of view, the currents contribute to the spread of animal and plant species by the various areas through which they pass. The Humboldt Current, for example, contributes to the coast of Peru and Chile be one of the richest areas in the world of fish, due to the large amount of marine plankton that it transports. Major Ocean Currents Atlantic Ocean Coast of North America The Labrador Current (cold), the Gulf Stream (hot); Coast of Central America current West Indies or South equatorial current (hot); Coast of South America Falkland or Malvinas Current (cold), Brazil Current (warm). Pacific Ocean Coast of North America: Current California (cold); Coast of Central America: North Equatorial Current (hot); Coast of South America: Current Humboldt or Peru Current (cold). The worlds major ocean currents are the Gulf Stream, which moves in the south to north along the east coast of the USA and then in Europe, the current of Brazil, which moves in the north-south direction along the Brazilian coast, the current Humbolt, which moves by the Pacific Ocean and is related to the events effect El Nià ±o, and the chain of Bengal, which moves in the west to east toward the Indian Ocean. Ocean currents can be classified according to the temperature of where form in: warm currents are formed in the equatorial zones (current of Guinas, the Gulf of Mexico, Brazil and the South Equatorial); cold currents that form in the polar regions (current Labrador, Humbolt, the Falklands, Bengal and the Antarctic Circumpolar). Ocean Current influences on climate North America The Labrador Current (cold) influences the temperature of the northeast coast of North America, making the climate of that region presents very low temperatures, causing the freezing of waters in the port of New York. The Gulf Stream (hot) originates in the West Indies; lard much of the east coast of North America, warming the climate in the Gulf of Mexico. By having hot water favors the evaporation contributing to increased rainfall in the Gulf region. South America South America also receives influence of ocean currents as the Humboldt Current (cold), also known as the Peru Current. This ocean current rises near Antarctica therefore carries the cold temperatures of the area where it originates. The low temperature of the Humboldt Current prevents evaporation, leaving the relative humidity of air low, causing the formation of a mass of dry air, contributing to formation of the dry climate of Chiles Atacama Desert to Peru. Ocean Currents and Economy Ocean currents also influence the economy of many countries. Peru is one of the worlds fish producers because of the influence of the Humboldt Current , because when reaching the Peru Coast found warm waters and brings out the nutrients carried by the current, attracting many shoals and directly helping the fishing industry of that country. Humboldt Current has a negative influence on the north coast of Chile and Peru, and is responsible for the formation of the Atacama Desert and transforms large areas in wastelands by water stress present in the area caused by the action of this ocean current. The areas bathed by sea warm currents, such as the Brazilian coast and the Gulf of Mexico, have high rainfall which favors the development of various agricultural crops and other economic activities. Relation between Plankton and Ocean Currents The meaning of Plankton in Greek refers exactly to what it is: a wandering, or specie that don’t have root and move to a place to another one. The Ocean Currents influences this movement transforming regions on rich environment and others on poor environment, as it takes nutrients to one place to another. By this movement it is possible to determine if the water portion is rich in nutrients or not, depending on the plankton find on it. Human activities and preservation As always, humans are requested to rethink their activities and what they are doing to preserve the environment. Sometimes a region is poor in plankton simply because the water doesn’t have quality. In the past, human thinks that nature will last forever, but nowadays they realize that nature is giving its answers†¦ we can see this by nature catastrophes seeing all long the world. We need to preserve the nature for the future generation, and as a Blue Planet, water is our main resource that needed to be conserved.

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Comparison Essay between the Narrative of Mary Rowlandson

A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson (Rowlandson, 1682/1996) The setting was New England. The English had established settlements in the Eastern board of the present-day United States to expand England’s trade routes in the Americas. The expansion was accompanied by mass conversion of Indians, whom the Europeans regarded as savage or uncivilized heathens. The missionary work though of Puritan pastors in New England was generally unsuccessful. The Indians associated the spread of new diseases   and dissension with Christianity. The Puritan pastors were not prevented from preaching Christianity to the Indians because of military support from the colonial government. In 1675, Wampanoag Chief Metacomet became overcritical of the English over the issues of encroching tribal lands and of course, the preaching of Christianity. He launched a series of raids in New England and captured many prisoners. One of them was Mary White Rowlandson, a wife of a Congregationist minister, and mother of three children. Mary Rowlandson became a prisoner of the Indians for several months. She and her children, while at captivity, were forced to work as members of the tribe. They were ransomed and freed before the end of the war. During her captivity, she wrote a narrative depicted her life as a prisoner of war and member of a tribe. Rowlandson’s narrative depicted first amd foremost the beliefs of the Puritan missionaries. Most of the Puritans in New England lived areligious and humble life. Because of their desire to convert the Indians, they were drawn to the wilderness and the â€Å"wild natives† who inhabit it. This mixture of piety and adventure affected Puritan literature. The Puritans were portrayed as the pious servants of God, the Indians the prospect hostile Gentiles. In many passages of Rowlandson’s narrative, the Indians were depicted as cannibalistic and enchanted. Thus, the narrative of Rowlandson served as a moral guidance to the English Puriatn reader, a form of unwavering salute to God. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave (Douglas, _/1999) The life of an American slave during the colonial and pre-Civil War America was miserable and degrading. The distance between the white man and the African was so intense that even african language was discriminated. In addition, the increasing complexity of American economic life demanded cheap labor. Here, the Negroes served the purpose. There was no magnanimity on the part of the English and later American settlers to the Negroes. They were seldom treated as human beings. In this narrative, Frederick Douglas showed the sufferings of the Negroes on rational and economic terms. Douglas treated discrimination as a form of social ill experienced by the Negroes. He argued that the properties of the whites were built on slave labor, a form of economic backlashing. In his commentary on slave songs, he maintained distance between himself and slavery. In reality, he did not understand the meaning of the songs although he was a slave. Thus, he interpreted all slave songs as laments. Here, Douglas made an error when he said that all slave songs were born out of hatred and ill comfort. In essence, many of the slave songs were songs of joy, work, and adventure. The physical and social depravity of the Negroes forced them to enjoy work as it may deem fit. The adventures of their ancestors in Africa were told with gestures of joy and respect; a form of cultural appraisal. Thus, when Douglas assumed himself as the mediator between the white and the Negroes, he himself embraced both cultures as if no essential defects were visible. Here, unlike Rowlandson, Douglas played as an objective narrator. References Douglas, Frederick. 1999. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglas, an American Slave. Oxford; Oxford University Press. Rowlandson, Mary White. 1682/1996. A Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mrs.

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The Idiots Guide to Ral Estate Essay Topics

The Idiot's Guide to Ral Estate Essay Topics There are various distinct matters which you could use in writing procedure essays. Blog posts don't need to be lengthy or wordy, and there isn't any ideal length. To find total advantage, you should turn out to be very acquainted with the subject of genuine essay questions. For additional essay topics, students may have a look at the subsequent collection of ideas. What Needs to be Done About Ral Estate Essay Topics Agents have to be careful they don't create misleading advertisements. Writers often should do some thorough research about it. Composing on such topics should wind up being a wonderful exercise for those ideas and head. It ought to be a topic that's easy, interesting, and at the identical time pertinent to the intention behind the exercise. Based on your background knowledge, you can select from the subsequent. Mortgages can be fixed-rate or variable-rate. Real estate is a particular example of genuine propert y. Realtors can't offer legal or accounting advice. They read about that one blogger who got a lot of business right away and who became rich and famous. Real estate is in fact a significant career choice. A Real Estate company unlike any other centered on the mission of constructing a network of career-minded pros who strive to cultivate their organization and their future. Several new agents don't recognize how much work it requires to turn into a thriving realtor. Most new realtors desire a nest egg to start their careers. Vital Pieces of Ral Estate Essay Topics Hard money loans, also called predatory loans, are definitely the most restrictive and are incredibly costly. Personal lenders aren't just professional lending institutions. It's also advisable to ask a financial institution lender for so much information regarding the normal terms and necessary documentation for an industrial loan before applying as it is sometimes a time-consuming procedure. If you cannot, yo u could be made to refinance and pay a greater rate of interest. The Number One Question You Must Ask for Ral Estate Essay Topics Lots of people decide they're going to be real estate agents. You might feel like everybody is currently observing you, but typically, you aren't being judged by men and women. This post isn't supposed to scare anyone away from real estate, but is offered to become an honest look at the actual estate business from either side of succeeding and failure. Type of Ral Estate Essay Topics So as to last as an agent an individual must be ready to accept rejection and understand it is not a personal reflection. The main job of the conclusion is to summarize the key points discussed within the major body. The most important body contains one to three paragraphs. Simply like the majority of other varieties of letter creating, there's a certain special arrangement you've got to follow while writing an authority notice that has to be given to bank authoritie s. The Tried and True Method for Ral Estate Essay Topics in Step by Step Detail In any organisation, the management utilizes statistical methods for making valid decisions on the grounds of factual data on the present operations. The significance of picking a career and goals early in your life can't be understated, and what's more, goals ought to be aligned with one's interests and passions. Just as with any other business, you have the comprehensive autonomy and control on your real estate investment strategies and your failures and successes. Most bachelor's degree programs typically last four decades, no matter the subject of study. The Good, the Bad and Ral Estate Essay Topics You are able to manage by choosing a professional property management professional in the event the workload gets too much. The job functions can include things like overseeing an industrial real estate firm's agents together with planning and directing policies and objectives for the whole firm. A code of ethics isn't the exact same as federal or state law in actual estate. It's fine to provide property management services to the current client of an agent who's offering brokerage solutions, for example. New Step by Step Roadmap for Ral Estate Essay Topics Many companies supply you with the 1st portion of a Sample composition. Completion of an area bar exam might also be required. This half-day exam measures a person's reading and verbal reasoning abilities. Detecting a job in the area after you pass the actual estate sales exam, however is hardly tricky. When it regards blogging you will definitely develope some writers block now and again. Writing is a significant approach to express thoughts and sports are usually close to a lot of people's hearts. It isn't too late to begin a blog. If you're writing about a company that has a site, make them know so they can link back to you! The Little-Known Secrets to Ral Estate Essay Topics Some schools give students t he opportunity to work in law firms which specialize in real estate law. When it's that which you think, SAY IT. The demand for global wellness education In order to create people aware, essays on global wellness education is essential. If it comes to write engineering essay for those students that are studying in electrical engineering school becomes confused since they are engineers and not the writers.

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The Effect Of Drugs And Alcohol - 994 Words

An Adolescent Brain: The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol An adolescent’s brain is not fully grown until approximately 25 years of age. Utilizing functional magnetic resonance imaging (f MRI), scientific studies, expose that during adolescence every facet of the brain experiences dramatic changes, These changes are not just genetically determined, though are vastly affected by the environment and experiences. The environment affects the development of brain cells, regulates the wiring of these cells, and affects which of these cells live or die. This makes it possible for changes generated by an individual s environment to occur genetically to the next generation by epigenesis, the ability of cells to turn genes on and off in response to the environmental influences experienced by those cells. ( Ordog, Syed, Hayashi, Asuzu, 2012, p. 1054) Hence, life experiences impact the development of the brain, not just during the adolescent years, but for the long term, with ramification for future generations; making drugs and alcohol more detr imental to the brain functioning and behavior of teenagers than to the brain functioning and behavior of adults over age 25. Brain Development Grey matter consists of neurons, the brain cells that form the building blocks of the brain. White matter, axons, are the connections that form between grey matter, helping to move information from one area of the brain to the next. While grey-matter growth is indeed almost completely finished by the age ofShow MoreRelatedDrug Alcohol And Its Effects2128 Words   |  9 Pageseducated about alcohol and its effects of it in over abundance, would this have changed his outcome? People become responsible by being properly taught, given responsibility, and then held accountable for their actions. America can not tell young people to just say no to driving, fail to teach them to drive, and then on their 18th birthday give them drivers licenses and turn them loose on the road. But this is the logic that is followed for beverage alcohol because of Americas alcohol policy. NotRead MoreEffects Of Alcohol And Nicotine On Drugs1589 Words   |  7 PagesIntroduction Smoking and alcohol are often used together. The use of these drugs gives a sense of relief of stress and euphoria due to their effects on neurotransmitters. Though the initial use of these drugs ranges from self-medication to peer pressure, excessive use of these drugs can lead to dependence of both drugs. Drug dependence may be connected to the effects of the drugs’ tolerance, withdrawal symptoms and sensitization of the drug (Little 2000). The American Lung Association reports thatRead MoreEffects Of Alcohol And Drug Abuse919 Words   |  4 Pagesof Alcohol and Drug Abuse There may be some things that you don t know about the impact of drug and alcohol abuse on friends and family and how your friends and family may react to your choices. Having knowledge about alcohol and drug abuse, preventing toxic relationship with friends, and being informed about the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse can prevent the harmful use or consumption of drugs and alcohol. First and foremost, having knowledgeable information on the impact drugs andRead MoreAlcohol Drugs And Its Effects On Society940 Words   |  4 PagesDrugs; whether they are licit or illicit (legal or illegal), will be used and abused by numerous people in this world. If the drug is considered legal, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be addicting or good for your body; most licit drugs are just as harmful to the body as the ones that are illicit. In this essay I will be discussing two different drugs; alcohol which is a licit drug, and heroin which is an illicit drug. We will touch the following subjects and how they may impact the family, what theRead MoreThe Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On The Brain846 Words   |  4 Pageswhy or how others become addicted to drugs and alcohol. This has been an ongoing issue still current in today’s society. â€Å"It is often mistakenly assumed that drug abusers lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop using drugs simply by choosing to change their behavior† (Understanding Drug). Same thing goes for the use of alcohol. It is up to the mind, whether or not to prevents the power such toxic substance if abuse, such as drugs and alcohol. The mind is the main focus in individualsRead MoreThe Effects Of Alcohol And Drugs On Children1513 Words   |  7 PagesBack in my home in Nigeria, I used to see many drunks who are completely stoned out with excessive alcohol. They will walk staggeringly and talk to themselves, sometimes to others, while they say things that do not make sense. Then when I came to the United States, I have seen pastors, athletes, famous entertainers being overdosed with drugs and or alcohol. When someone has an addiction problem, I usually see them as weak minded, losers, school drop-out, lazy and unemployed. I think of them asRead MoreThe Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Addiction3284 Words   |  14 Pagesaddiction of drugs and alcohol, it is easy to show that gene tics does have a major influence. Some people are born with a predisposition to become addicts, but genetics does not determine if you will become one. Environmental factors do show some effects as to whether the genes responsible for certain behaviors or tendencies are expressed to the point of addiction. By looking at twins, we can see that genetics can have a direct affect on symptoms within the same substance and cross substance effects. ThereRead MoreThe Effects Of Alcohol And Drugs On Children3325 Words   |  14 PagesIntroduction: College students are among one of the most researched populations due to their unpredictability and risk taking behaviors. Many studies focus on their behaviors in regards to sex and alcohol. In this study, we will be looking at the effect of alcohol and drugs on a person’s ability to deny sexual advances as well as the gender differences between these abilities. Unlike other studies, we will be focusing on the actual ability to deny sex as well as the gender differences, which, toRead MoreThe Effects Of Drug And Alcohol Abuse860 Words   |  4 PagesMany believe that drug and alcohol abuse are related to being a â€Å"bad† person, but what if you save lives as a living? A large majority of substance abusers have either been traumatized or have come from a bad background--scarring and causing them to seek out a way to make themselves feel better without having to tell someone. The newest series to hit Netflix, Nurse Jackie, shows addiction, and it’s lack of dis crimination, in its truest form as an amazing nurse, Jackie Payton, struggles to juggleRead MoreThe Effects Of Alcohol And Drugs On Society Essay1510 Words   |  7 PagesAlcohol’s importance in our social history is sufficiently great. Even more significant is the abuse of alcohol and how alcohol has affected modern society. For several decades, alcohol and drugs has been a major problem in our society. Not only has the drug problem increased but also drug related problems are rising day by day. There is no crime in the world that kills teenagers more than alcohol does. Those substances affect the body in many ways. As they say, anything that anyone gets addicted to

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Can Television Make You Smarter Essay examples - 1496 Words

In Steven Johnsons article Watching TV Makes You Smarter he discusses the intellectual merits of television programs. The essence of Johnsons argument is that the complexity of certain current shows can get one to think at a higher cognitive level, and that shows have become more cognitively demandingof their viewers over the past few decades. Johnsons argument, that is in favor of watching quality television and the benefits that one can get from it, is reinforced by some good points the author makes. Johnson is effective in his argument and was very convincing. Viewing certain television programs can in fact benefit ones cognitive capacities, especially in children. Johnson article effectively states that watching programs†¦show more content†¦When discussing the topic online this week with fellow classmates, I noticed that some people indeed have strong feelings on the issue. In his article, Johnson talks about how some people only observe the negative aspects of shows like 24. Some people criticize the shows writers, producers, and even the shows viewers because of the violent themes. Some dont realize how the complex story lines require the viewer to ... pay attention, make inferences, and track shifting social relationships(229). I have seen how some people on the discussion board may have misinterpreted Johnsons article and overlooked his main points. From my experiences as a parent, I have learned that most parents of young children always tend to have strong feelings on the topic as well. I find that there are some parents that let their children watch television and praise the positive benefits, while there are some parents tha t refuse to let their children watch any television, even educational shows. Myself, as a parent, I believe that television can be a great educational tool and that certain shows can be utilized to supplement to my childrens expanding knowledge base. For instance, when my children were toddlers I readily embraced the benefits of them hearing the constant dialog from television programs, even if the programs seemed silly, and I truly believe this aided their languageShow MoreRelatedWatching Tv Makes You Smarter, By Steven Johnson898 Words   |  4 Pages Television is a great source of knowledge and it interests many people. Some people have the same belief while others do not for many different reasons. In the first article â€Å"Watching TV Makes You Smarter, Steven Johnson argues why and how television can make you smarter. In another article, â€Å"Thinking Outside the Idiot Box, Dana Stevens contradicts everything Steven Johnson said in his article about television making people more intelligent. Steven Johnson s argument is that television can actuallyRead MoreWatching Tv Makes You Smarter, By Steven Johnson872 Words   |  4 PagesIn the article â€Å"Watching TV Makes You Smarter, Steven Johnson argues why and how television can make you smarter. In another article, â€Å"Thinking Outside the Idiot Box, Dana Stevens contradicts everything Steven Johnson said in his article about television making people more intelligent. Steven Johnson s argument is that television can actually make you smarter because when you watch a show, you are trying to understand everything that is happening. Today’s shows have a lot of action and scenesRead MoreThinking Outside the Idiot Box by Dana Stevens vs. â€Å"Watching TV Makes You Smarter† by Steven Johnson1125 Words   |  5 Pagesï » ¿Jessica Tursi English Comp I Kayal 11/5/13 TV Does Not Make You Smarter There is no doubt that television holds a purpose in our society today, but is that purpose brain-numbing or actually beneficial to our brain development? The television, also known as: TV, the boob tube, the idiot box, as well as many other nicknames, has been around for almost a hundred years. Ever since cable TV became popular in the 1950’s, there has always been a worry that people watch too much TV. Most people believeRead MoreWatching Tv Makes You Smart Essay1218 Words   |  5 PagesIn the article  Watching TV Makes You Smarter  by Steven Johnson, the author argues that by watching television shows various television shows, people actually become smarter and how it has a big impact in our lives. He feels that watching TV makes us smarter because why we view things we might have never heard of before. He also uses dialogs to explain for example he used dialogs from the show ER to break down what’s happening between the characters, what words and sentences t here using. On responseRead MoreDoes Television Make Use Dumber? Essay535 Words   |  3 Pages Television is a big part of society today. The shows on television entertain most of America, along with conveying information to viewers. Many people today look down on television and blame it for problems we have in society along with making viewers dumber. Johnson’s Watching TV Makes You Smarter and Stevens’s Thinking Outside The Idiot Box have near opposite positions on the issue of television, both describing what they feel is the right answer when it comes to television and society. ThroughoutRead MoreTv Makes You Smarter Essay1430 Words   |  6 PagesTV Makes You Smarter Everyday people watch some level of television. Whether it is the news, sports, a movie or a reality show, it is a pastime that people look forward to and/or come to rely on in their daily routine. There are some programs that have a lot of violence and perhaps should be watched minimally or by an appropriately aged audience.   However, there are many other programs that do not have violence and actually educate us, working subconsciously, without us even knowing it. For thisRead MoreCan Tv Be Making You Smarter?1444 Words   |  6 Pages Can Tv be Making You Smarter In Steven Johnson’s â€Å"Watching TV Makes You Smarter†, he argues the growing complexities of contemporary TV shows through time. Johnson explains, because of the developing intricacy of TV plot lines people are having to spend more time paying attention to the TV episodes. To show this, Johnson compared shows from the past and more recent shows to  display how on screen intelligence and off screen intelligence of shows have developed to become more challenging and realisticRead MoreTelevision : An Important Aspect For People s Life1276 Words   |  6 Pagesamount of time in people’s life. People can spend hours in a day just watching t.v. mindlessly, however, is this time spent watching t.v. making a person smarter? The television shows that people watch today are a primary form of entertainment for a majority of America, along with conveying information to viewers. For years now people have wanted dumb, simple tv, but as the culture began to develop more cognitively people want complex and intelligent television. I believe contemporary t.v. is an importantRead MoreWatching Tv Makes You Smarter967 Words   |  4 PagesWatching TV Makes You Smarter In his essay â€Å"Watching TV Makes You Smarter, Steven Johnson - an author specializing in media, pop culture and technology - claims that watching TV is actually healthy for the viewers mind as contemporary television requires more cognitive thinking than it did previously. Johnson supported his claim by explaining about his sleeper curve throughout the essay. â€Å"The most debased forms of mass diversion – video games, violent television dramas and juvenile sitcoms thatRead MoreTelevision : A Blessing And A Curse940 Words   |  4 Pages Television: A Blessing and a Curse Televisions first came about in the 1900s, originally being used for advertisement and adult entertainment shows. When television began, one of its objectives was to present the news to society. It was a branch of broad communication, airing presidential news and news covering other states other than your own. Over the years this goal has altered, and now we can find all kinds of programs with different resolutions. There are many different forms of entertainment